Saturday, January 29, 2011

The mini bow is here!

So I have received a large amount of "please make a tiny bow" messages in the past couple of months, so I finally sat down to work out the details (or basically quit procrastinating). :-)

My mini bow is the exact same design as my original, except scaled down to a super cute 1-inch size.

The first one I made I decided to give to my daughter, as tonight is her very first father/daughter dance at her school.

She was so excited to go with him (she is the quintessential daddy's girl) but as she left she whispered to me, "The bow will remind me of you Mom."

So sweet.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Etsy Holiday Season 2010 Shopping Wrap-Up...

Why the Santa picture in January you might be asking?

Ok, for most of us the holiday season of 2010 is long over, but many of the gifts I bought for family and friends are just starting to be used.

I love to do a little wrap-up of all the wonderful things I found on Etsy, so let's start with these adorable little Santa soaps from Satin & Birch Soap Studio.

They were just exquisite, came beautifully handcrafted and wrapped, smelled amazing, and were just super cute.

Check out her shop for an amazing array of gorgeous sculptural soap!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A blog from Germany....

I am always very appreciative when a customer of mine loves the piece of jewelry they got from my shop and writes up a little blog post about it.

Here is a great post from a really cool fashion blog in Germany about a recent gift of my tiny domed necklace.

You can translate it via the Google translator on her blog, though it makes for a funny read, but you can get the idea. :-)

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