Saturday, February 25, 2012

A routine mammogram saved my life.....

Hi everybody....

I have had to close my shop for now, due to some very unexpected medical news. I am hopeful to return in April after surgery and recovery (not allowed to hammer for 6 weeks post-surgery!)

Unfortunately I found out at the beginning of February that I have breast cancer (I just turned 42!). It was found on a routine mammogram. I am one of the lucky ones that caught it "early", so hoping for the best with a March 8th surgery date and close follow up. Not sure if I will have to do chemo yet, but keeping fingers crossed that I won't.

I normally would not be so open about things, but my hope is that if my story inspires someone else to go get a mammogram...well, then it's worth it!

A routine mammogram saved my don't put it off!

(The butterfly pic was taken by me on a fun outing with the kiddos to the Butterfly Pavilion.)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tiny heart necklace giveaway!

Want to win one of my tiny heart necklaces, just in time for Valentine's Day? 
Check out the uber cool fashion blog by one of my very sweet customers called Found in my Closet
She has an amazing sense of style and has great "instructions" on how her cute outfits come together. Even inspires me to think about getting out of my "black shirt and dark denim" uniform that I usually wear while in the studio and put on something cute!
Just follow her blog instructions to win and this tiny heart could be on its way to you!