Saturday, January 14, 2012

Silver beaded hoops......

Over the past year at lime green modern, I have received several requests for sterling silver beads on my earrings..... so I am introducing quite a few new hoops with beads over the next week or so.

These are simply my classic circle hoops, with the addition of some super shiny round beads, lightweight but sturdy. The great thing is the beads are easily slipped off of the earrings, so if you want to change the look back to the simple hoop, it's very easy.

Currently I have the 4-mm multi-bead series listed, with a larger 5-mm 3-bead series coming soon.

Large hoops, with nine 4-mm beads. (pictured above)
Medium hoops, with seven 4-mm beads.
Small hoops, with six 4-mm beads.


Friday, January 13, 2012

IKEA love.... modern wrapped canvas

Last year I purchased this large 48 x 48" thick canvas during the Aaron Brother's penny sale (buy one, get another for a penny....goes on in January and July). 

I got as far as hanging it up, with every intention of painting it a fun color, but a year later, a blank canvas still sat there.

Well, with the joy of our new IKEA opening, I get so many ideas from their fabric, but unfortunately I don't sew. At all. Not even a little.

So I decided to wrap my canvas with this awesome heavy decorator weight fabric instead. For the grand total of $7.50 (1.5 yards of Kajsastina large daisy fabric, on sale even!) plus a cheap staple gun and I was on my way.

The secret to this wrap is a lot of ironing beforehand! Get that fabric as good and wrinkle free as you can before you attempt to wrap. Then start stapling the sides a little at a time, pulling very taut as you go. You will have to remove a few staples and readjust a bit here and there, but I had this thing done in about 10 minutes, not counting the ironing.

The result: a modern wrapped canvas for minimal cost, and when I get tired of it, just put new fabric on there!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy 2012!

So the new year is settling in at lime green modern.... a perfect time to start creating some new things!

My ideas usually sit patiently drawn in my idea/design book until I have the time to make them and try them out personally to make sure they work "in real life" use.

So up first are my new half moon hoop earrings. These are great because you just slip them on and go! And for complete versatility, I have made them in a small, medium, and large version.

They are super lightweight and a nice alternative to the classic circle hoop... enjoy!