Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Feeling great!

So I wanted to update everyone who has been following my journey! (And thank you to everyone for your notes, convos, post comments, etc;....truly appreciated!)

I am feeling great! :-)

I was finally cleared by my surgeon and physical therapist to resume all my "normal" activities, including hammering silver! I feel so lucky that my breast cancer was detected so early and I was able to avoid chemo, which would have greatly prolonged recovery and getting back to normal.

I am working on building inventory now, so when I reopen in May, everything will be ready to ship, as always!

If there is one lesson I have learned through all of this (other than keep the faith), it's get your priorities straight!

So once I do reopen, I am thinking about being open 4-5 days a week, and then closing on weekends. This way I have plenty of time to create quality work, and my health and family life do not take a back seat to getting orders out.

All orders placed while my shop is "open" will be mailed out before I "close" shop on the weekends, so my customers will get the same speedy shipping from me!

(I just can't seem to turn off my "shop" brain on the weekends with orders coming in, and I end up working all weekend to not fall behind.)

I'm looking forward to reopening, so let the new journey begin......