Friday, March 25, 2011

Butterflies and hibiscus....

This week is spring break for us (the first week of a 2-week break), so we decided to head up to the Butterfly Pavilion just north of Denver to check it out. It was nice to feel that 85 degree heat where they kept the butterflies!

I'm always amazed that the most brilliant patterns and colors I see are almost always straight from inspires me to start making more jewelry with pops of color.

Looking for a certain color to match a spring outfit? I have all my earrings divided in sections by color in my lime green modern shop. Thanks for looking!


  1. Lovely flowers and butterfly. I hear such great things about the Butterfly Pavilion but have not gone myself.

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography

  2. It's a great place for kids...not very big. I bet they have special hours every once in awhile for photographers, because they don't allow tripods normally. Thanks for stopping by!