Friday, January 13, 2012

IKEA love.... modern wrapped canvas

Last year I purchased this large 48 x 48" thick canvas during the Aaron Brother's penny sale (buy one, get another for a penny....goes on in January and July). 

I got as far as hanging it up, with every intention of painting it a fun color, but a year later, a blank canvas still sat there.

Well, with the joy of our new IKEA opening, I get so many ideas from their fabric, but unfortunately I don't sew. At all. Not even a little.

So I decided to wrap my canvas with this awesome heavy decorator weight fabric instead. For the grand total of $7.50 (1.5 yards of Kajsastina large daisy fabric, on sale even!) plus a cheap staple gun and I was on my way.

The secret to this wrap is a lot of ironing beforehand! Get that fabric as good and wrinkle free as you can before you attempt to wrap. Then start stapling the sides a little at a time, pulling very taut as you go. You will have to remove a few staples and readjust a bit here and there, but I had this thing done in about 10 minutes, not counting the ironing.

The result: a modern wrapped canvas for minimal cost, and when I get tired of it, just put new fabric on there!

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  1. I have upholstered furniture before but have never thought of doing this. I even have a staple gun. I can hardly wait to go get a board and some fabric. The most wonderful thing is I can pick any fabric that appeals to me. Not just settle on some already made store picture.
    Thanks so much. This is a great idea!