Saturday, February 25, 2012

A routine mammogram saved my life.....

Hi everybody....

I have had to close my shop for now, due to some very unexpected medical news. I am hopeful to return in April after surgery and recovery (not allowed to hammer for 6 weeks post-surgery!)

Unfortunately I found out at the beginning of February that I have breast cancer (I just turned 42!). It was found on a routine mammogram. I am one of the lucky ones that caught it "early", so hoping for the best with a March 8th surgery date and close follow up. Not sure if I will have to do chemo yet, but keeping fingers crossed that I won't.

I normally would not be so open about things, but my hope is that if my story inspires someone else to go get a mammogram...well, then it's worth it!

A routine mammogram saved my don't put it off!

(The butterfly pic was taken by me on a fun outing with the kiddos to the Butterfly Pavilion.)


  1. Oh Tracy, I am so glad you got a mammogram when you did! It is awful news for you - but as you say, it's saved your life.
    I wish you all the best for your surgery and recovery - I do hope you don't need the chemo afterwards.
    Here in UK, a mammogram is not a "routine" thing for women our age. They don't offer them as routine until over 47 years old (since 2010 - before that it was 50). I think this is because screening in under-50's has not been very helpful in detecting breast cancer; they have found that new digital screening techniques are more effective in younger women, so have extended the program. You can go to your dr and ask for a check, if you are worried for any reason, but it's just not offered to everyone as a standard thing.
    I'm glad you did have a routine scan though - and clearly it was effective in finding your cancer early enough to treat it! So glad for you!!
    God Bless you and I wish you well very soon. XX

  2. Thanks so much really was quite a shocker! Now that I have a "plan" in place, I'm feeling better about it.

    They were trying the do the same thing here in the US...having only women over 50 do yearly mammograms, but too many doctors complained so most states still keep it yearly starting at 40. Lucky for me!

    The digital mammograms are so much better than film and great for women like me...catches things very early!

    Thanks so much for your well wishes!

  3. Tracy,
    Oh my goodness, I'm so sad and happy at the very same time! Sad that you are having to go through this at all! And so happy that you found out early!
    You've been such a great cyber-friend for such a long time, I feel like we are practically neighbors. If we really were, I would be bursting through your door right now to give you a hug and ask if there is anything I can do for you.
    Please know I will be thinking of you and your family. You certainly have the right attitude and thank goodness you got that mammogram!

    1. Thanks so much Carol! I so appreciate the support during this not-so-fun time. I am the same way...sad to be experiencing this, but happy to have the chance to fight it at such an early stage!

  4. I'm so glad that you caught that early. I wish you all the best, and I hope that you don't have to go through chemo.