Monday, May 21, 2012

Lime green modern is OPEN!

So I have officially reopened!!

What an experience the last few months have been. And though having cancer is not something I would wish on anyone, it's good to know that you can survive something big and come out the other side ok. :-)

And what can I say to all the wonderful people who have supported me...really words aren't enough. So here's a big THANK YOU!

I'm slowly getting all of my listings back up (you can't edit in vacation mode!). So hang in there with me as I get back up to running normally.

What's new? I am now making most of my simple silver earrings and all of my beaded earrings in upgraded Argentium sterling silver wire.

Argentium is just like traditional sterling silver (92.5% silver and 7.5% copper). Argentium simply replaces some of the copper (which causes silver tarnishing) with the element germanium. The result...the beautiful shine of silver without much maintenance. Just rinse with water and mild soap occasionally and use the polish pad I provide you to add a great shine!

Gotta love simplicity!


  1. Welcome Back! SO happy you came out the other side! Wishing you more success than ever!

  2. Hey, you're back!! So pleased for you! I hope your recovery is complete and that you are able to relax and enjoy a summer with no health worries.
    Good luck with the shop. Don't forget to post on Facebook and Twitter - and I'll "Share/Retweet" for you! I may have to do a bit of shopping for presents soon...


  3. Thanks so much's good to be back! :-)