Saturday, May 23, 2009

Modernizing vintage...

It started with my grandmother's vintage earring, as seen in the photo. She was a woman who loved her jewelry and I remember watching her get dressed and picking out just the right piece to wear with her outfit.

I now have much of her costume jewelry and was looking through it last week when I came upon this earring. Not exactly anything I would wear personally, but I did notice the center of it had a modern flair.

So out came my molding compound. I molded just the center, and then used the mold to create this little retro 40's flower. I love it. The perfect way for me to having something sentimental yet more my own style.

Enjoy my new retro 40's flower pendant:

**Dedicated to my grandmother, who sparked a lot of my love for jewelry. Though our styles are different, the old adage of daily accessorizing just for yourself still holds true. **

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  1. Very cool! Bet your grandma would be real proud of you!