Monday, August 31, 2009

Which one?

Here are the choices for the front of my new cards...which one do you like better?

Love these so much...thanks so much Amy from "Bean Sprout Studio":

The back is green with my two shop websites...very minimal and clean.
So top or bottom? Leave me a comment or tweet me back!


  1. Easy...bottom. The lines flow better.

  2. I like the look of the top one because limegreenmodern gets to be by itself. But I don't like how it makes YOU seem like a jewelry studio. limegreenmodern is the studio, so I like how the bottom one makes that apparent. I'd prefer the top one with studio changed to artist or artisan. Then it would have YOUR title. If you did that, you could even put the title under your name so that your email address was third. Then the lines would flow like the previous comment mentions.

  3. I prefer the second one too!!! Good luck with your choice! :o)

  4. The 2nd!:)Beautiful, very elegant!