Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Closet Barbie lover....

Ok...this is kind of random...but was searching through Etsy the other day and found these Barbie shoe earrings. So fun!

Wow...intense flashback of how much I loved my Barbies. Complete deja vous of my 17 well-loved Barbies, with varying stages of "haircuts" I had given them, from my childhood.

Sometimes we need little reminders of when life was so simple...and all I had to do for the day was play with my Barbies.

Love these earrings? Check out this shop, aptly named Random Quirks...


  1. Cute earrings! I was never a Barbie fan, but my sister sure was. She spent 75% of her life coercing me into playing with them with her, long ago...:::sigh:::

  2. LOVE these earrings! Gosh, how I remember all of those little, little plastic shoes!