Sunday, October 18, 2009

Can I blog about a blog?

Can I blog about a blog? Well, sure I's mine and I can do what I want. :-)

The fun thing about lime green modern is when something unexpected happens, like being asked to do a solo exhibit of my jewelry for the blog Etsystalker.

Too fun I think...but those poor girls don't realize how wordy I can be when asked for an

They were great sports and Violet put together a really cool write-up that I am super honored to be a part of.

Violet and Beatrice, the curators of Etsystalker, have an amazing website, with tons of great photos and articles all about Etsy artisans.

One of the best parts...lots of giveaways!! Definitely bookmark this lovely blog for really great chances to win some really cool things.

And this week one of those things are my up-square-overs...just comment to have a chance to win.

Enjoy! Just look to the right and you'll see my earrings.

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