Friday, February 12, 2010

As Valentine's Day as I can get...

So I bought some cute little heart beads recently to see if I could learn to love the luck.

Instead, this is my nod to Valentine's Day....the simple garnet oval. Not sure if Hallmark would approve, but I like them and would wear them, so that's what counts in my book.

Happy Valentine's Day, however you like to celebrate it.


  1. It's good to be yourself what ever you do! It's great that you decided against the love hearts beads when you simply don't like them.

  2. Those oval garnets are classy and classic! They are far more "limegreenmodern" than heart beads, I think... I like that style of earrings best out of all your designs. My second favourites are the little stacks of beads on the straight-ended up & over earrings.
    You are right to stick to what you like - your instincts are good.

  3. I like them!!!! They're absolutely your style and they can be worn long after Valentines Day :) Love it.

  4. I totally getcha. Love these. Hearts - not so much.

    When I see so little out there that reflects my taste, I think I must be missing something. You help me have confidence.

    Happy V-day.