Monday, February 1, 2010

Paralysis by Analysis... who knew a 1.67" sticker could take such a ridiculous amount of creative energy.

I have gone through a myriad of shop labels in the year that lime green modern has been open...some decent, some adequate, and some just downright embarrassing.

This was my number one priority on my 2010 to-do list, but the problem is that I suffer from this really bad affliction my husband lovingly calls Paralysis by Analysis. I know what I DON'T like, but I have a hard time nailing down what I do like. I just can't decide, so I put it off. Procrastination at its best.

So I had been working on the above label for days....had the lime green modern done, as well as the handcrafted jewelry, but I couldn't find the little edge I wanted for the top.

My DH walks in, tells me to put a small thin line at the top...and poof, we were done. I loved it. I have now promoted him to my Chief Graphic Designs Editor.

Maybe this label idea will stick around..


  1. Looks really great! Did you buy the stickers through Zazzle?

  2. Who'd have thought a little line would make a grown woman so happy? lol!
    So glad you've sorted it out. It's a good label.

  3. them from and printed them on my own printer. Next step will probably be to have them done professionally.

  4. Looks good to me. Would love to see the ones that came before. . . I, too, have not yet settled on a "packaging design." Glad to know it's OK to bounce around for a while. Obviously, hasn't hurt you!

  5. Those "before" labels are just too embarrassing

    Any maybe at some point I'll say the same thing about this one. :-)

  6. Love the label!
    I suffer from the same P by A disease ...
    wondering if I can borrow your dh the next time I relapse :-)