Monday, April 18, 2011

My little coin purse....

When I was little, I had a thing for small coin purses.

I had quite a few...some zipped, some you squeezed, but my favorites were the ones with the little silver ball clasps at the top that clicked when you open and shut them. I would squirrel away my coins and other treasures in them.

So recently I decided to get one that would fit folded cash and coins, trying to alleviate the huge collection of change constantly wallowing around the bottom of my purse. And since the coins were never handy, when I used cash I couldn't ever find the proper change, thus I got more change back. Ugh.

I happened upon this most lovely framed coin purse from the is just perfect! It fits the cash and coins exactly how I wanted it to, it is beautifully made, has super cute fabric, and best of all, has the little silver balls on top to click shut. Right back to my childhood memories.

Check out her beautiful shop for many sizes of framed clutches, pouches, accessories, and more!

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