Saturday, March 20, 2010

Need a day at the beach...

Today I just needed a beach day, since we have a foot of snow on the ground.

This is a difficult task, since I live in CO now, so I was perusing some of our archived pictures from our old stomping ground Laguna Beach, CA. We lived in that area for 10 years before heading to CO.

Found this sweet photo of my son (who is now 9!) and just thought it looked like a good time. Hanging out in the baby jogger with not a care in the world.

Can't wait for May when we are heading out there for a few days. :-)


  1. I thought you starred on that TV show :) OH HOW I MISS the beach right now!

  2. I sympathise.. We live about as far inland as it's possible to be in the UK. By US standards, it's not so far... but when you miss your favourite beach and so want to be there, then a 90-mile, 2-hours-plus drive is a long, long way.
    We're heading there in August. It seems a long time...
    I hope you have a lovely trip to Laguna Beach in May!

  3. That's a cute picture, he looks so happy. :)

    A foot of snow on the ground?!! Yeah, you need to come back to California. It's 69 degrees and sunny today.

  4. Yep...I'm counting the day until we are sitting by the ocean! Especially since we are expecting another foot of snow here in Denver today! eek!

    Thanks for the comments!