Monday, March 1, 2010

Seatbelt envy...

So I have loved this messenger bag for absolutely forever. Love the cool industrial edge it has, of course the deep black color, and it's great that it's making use of a material in a unique way....seatbelts. Plus it's handcrafted, so a win-win.

I keep hearting it, and rehearting it (Etsy speak for favorites) each time it sells.

The next big milestone I reach...I know exactly what I am buying. :-)

If you love this bag too, check out the ultra cool shop of a la mode.

Update: 3/20/10 Well, my ultra sneaky and generous mom and dad snuck in and got this bag for me as a gift after seeing my blog.

Can I just tell you that this bag is simply amazing in every way! I was so confused when I saw the package in the mail because I recognized the return address -alamode- and was wondering how I was receiving this ultra cool bag out of nowhere. I found the little personal message alamode included in the gift and it all made sense.

Love it!


  1. Sounds like you have a milestone goal. Wanna share it? Hope you get this bag soon. It's awesome.


  2. Super sweet parents you have there! I'm so glad you like the bag. It is one of my favorite designs and I always enjoy making it!