Saturday, March 27, 2010

This is what started it all...

I've been a minimalist my whole life, except when it comes to my personal jewelry.

I don't think I've ever gotten rid of any piece I've ever bought or been given. From cheap trinkets I bought as a teenager, to beautiful vintage pieces from my grandmothers, I still have them all.

1990s: Classic silver hoops of all sizes: check.

1980s: Giant obnoxious bright (fake) gold earrings to my shoulders: check.

1970s: The clay pendant that started my jewelry addiction: check.

That's the pendant in the picture above, still a part of my jewelry box. I bought it (with my own money) way back in first grade (circa 1976). ----You don't need to do the math: I'm 40 and am totally OK with that.-----I still love the funky 70's hippy feel of it and don't think I'll ever give it away.

Now if only I had kept all those lovely bell bottoms and 80's sweaters too, I could be doing a vintage store on I think I better stick to jewelry.

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  1. 40 seems grand, I'm almost there, and enjoying the journey! I actually love the clay pendant, very earthy. I have one like it, but it has a wild flower stamped in it. Haven't worn it in over a decade or more.... but, like you, It'll sit quietly in my jewelry box for a while longer. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!