Sunday, May 9, 2010

15 minutes of fame....

So I'm standing in the drug store line waiting to buy some sunscreen when I get an email from Statsy (a site for tracking your Etsy store stats) that tells me an item from my shop is on the front page of Etsy.....right now!

I quickly head to Etsy's front page and see my modern bow necklace there, with a lot of other great items all found with the keyword "modern".

I'm sure the people in line with me wondered why I was smiling at my phone but, hey, I was just glowing a little for my bow's 15 minutes of fame. :-)


  1. Ha, that's great! I know your stuff gets in Treasuries though, so you have to get the FP sometimes... It looks good in that Treasury - and it stands out well. Hope you get lots of sales because of this!