Sunday, May 2, 2010

The black hole of my purse....

So I pretty much always buy handbags with black interior when I forget to put the cap back on my Sharpie no one is the wiser. Black hides a multitude of purse spill disasters.

But the downside is that when I have all those small things floating aimlessly around (lip gloss, small brush, ponytail holder, etc;) I can never find them in the black abyss.

Enter this super cute and bright retro flower pouch I got from JPAT. It is the perfect answer to hold all those little things and the bright colors are perfect to spot in the black hole. What I love is that it makes transitioning to another purse super quick....just grab the pouch and my wallet and I'm done. Love it!

Check out her shop for all kinds of cool little pouches in different sizes and wallets in every imaginable style of fabric... JPAT Purses.


  1. Great blog! Thanks so much for the super feature on my little zips :)

  2. This fabric looks SO fabulous with your jewelry! probably knew that :-)

  3. bright colors, can you tell?! :-)