Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just give me a few days....

I have to admit my first love is the beach, so when my DH recently had a trip for work in S. California, we all decided to tag along for a mini vacation.

Since we lived there for many years before Colorado, we visited all our favorite hang-outs, with #1 on the list being Laguna Beach.

Here we are overlooking the spectacular scenery, just north of Main Beach. Truly so breathtakingly beautiful, even on this foggy day.

Nothing quite as rejuvenating to me like a few days at the beach.


  1. Hey, it's so nice to see a photo of you and your family (even if you are hiding behind the shades!!). I'm glad you had a lovely holiday - I love the seaside too and miss my favourite beach (see my Post from today for pictures!! http://lizziemade.blogspot.com/2010/05/ten-questions-from-jo.html), so much that we have to go there at least once in each year!
    Hope you feel refreshed and ready to come up with lots of new ideas for your shop!

  2. ME TOO! The beach is my 1st love! You all look so happy!


  3. Thanks guys! It really was great. :-)