Saturday, March 27, 2010

This is what started it all...

I've been a minimalist my whole life, except when it comes to my personal jewelry.

I don't think I've ever gotten rid of any piece I've ever bought or been given. From cheap trinkets I bought as a teenager, to beautiful vintage pieces from my grandmothers, I still have them all.

1990s: Classic silver hoops of all sizes: check.

1980s: Giant obnoxious bright (fake) gold earrings to my shoulders: check.

1970s: The clay pendant that started my jewelry addiction: check.

That's the pendant in the picture above, still a part of my jewelry box. I bought it (with my own money) way back in first grade (circa 1976). ----You don't need to do the math: I'm 40 and am totally OK with that.-----I still love the funky 70's hippy feel of it and don't think I'll ever give it away.

Now if only I had kept all those lovely bell bottoms and 80's sweaters too, I could be doing a vintage store on I think I better stick to jewelry.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Thank you...

Main Entry: thank–you
Pronunciation: \ˈthaŋk-ˌyü\
Function: noun
Etymology: from the phrase thank you used in expressing gratitude
Date: 1792

: a polite expression of one's gratitude

Thank you Merriam-Webster's Dictionary for that definition.

Now my mom always taught me that is was proper to write a thank-you note, and I have passed this tradition along to my kids (though begrudgingly on their end) for various birthday and Christmas gifts. (It may not get done for a month, but it will get done!)

But what about a business? I feel that handcrafted items have a mix of personal and business, so I like to write a handwritten thank-you note (with my favorite ultra-fine Sharpie) when sending out all my items.

I happily personalize thank-you notes to my buyers sending gifts, and I usually get the biggest "thank you" from them for that. No giant-business computer generated sterile gift card message from a mega-store, but an actual pen-on-paper personalization just for them.

So thank you for stopping by my blog! :-)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Need a day at the beach...

Today I just needed a beach day, since we have a foot of snow on the ground.

This is a difficult task, since I live in CO now, so I was perusing some of our archived pictures from our old stomping ground Laguna Beach, CA. We lived in that area for 10 years before heading to CO.

Found this sweet photo of my son (who is now 9!) and just thought it looked like a good time. Hanging out in the baby jogger with not a care in the world.

Can't wait for May when we are heading out there for a few days. :-)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lime Green Modern live and in person....

So I was posting in the Etsy forums one day and "met" another Etsy seller who was talking about their holiday mall kiosk. Intrigued I popped into her was full of super cute kid's items.

A quick look at her location and I noticed she was located right here in Colorado too. Lo and behold, her kiosk was at the Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree, CO, the mall closest to me.

Fast forward a few months....she decided to open a kiosk full time with great mommy & baby items and asked me to have some of my jewelry there.

So if you are at Park Meadows Mall...check out the great kiosk of Mama Always Said, right outside Banana Republic (how convenient, another of my favs).

Her kiosk looks fabulous, and I'm super thrilled my bow is selling so well for her. :-)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Seatbelt envy...

So I have loved this messenger bag for absolutely forever. Love the cool industrial edge it has, of course the deep black color, and it's great that it's making use of a material in a unique way....seatbelts. Plus it's handcrafted, so a win-win.

I keep hearting it, and rehearting it (Etsy speak for favorites) each time it sells.

The next big milestone I reach...I know exactly what I am buying. :-)

If you love this bag too, check out the ultra cool shop of a la mode.

Update: 3/20/10 Well, my ultra sneaky and generous mom and dad snuck in and got this bag for me as a gift after seeing my blog.

Can I just tell you that this bag is simply amazing in every way! I was so confused when I saw the package in the mail because I recognized the return address -alamode- and was wondering how I was receiving this ultra cool bag out of nowhere. I found the little personal message alamode included in the gift and it all made sense.

Love it!