Friday, March 27, 2009

Adventures in wholesaling....

Convo: 1. That is Etsy talk for "you have an Etsy email".

I is inquiring about my wholesale policies because they are interested in buying some earrings for their shop. Amazing, I think.

So my online adventures with my Etsy shop and 1000 Markets shop has been incredibly fun. It really has gone beyond just posting some earrings on the web and praying someone likes them. Lots of marketing, followup, and, of course, earring making going on.

I have found and newly appreciate a whole world out there of small artisans, doing what they love, and creating pieces to sell that really come from someone's artistic talent and love for their craft. So instead of going to the mall for the same old thing, I encourage you to check out Etsy and 1000 Markets the next time you need a gift or something for yourself. Anything you can think of (and many things you could never dream up) are available there.

And if you happen to live in rural NY, check out RELM. Great store, super great owner. This is where my earrings are going:


  1. Hooray! I checked out RELM, and noticed that the owner has some picture frames from someone here in Castle Rock! Wow! I emailed her to get the name of the designer...will let you know if she responds :)