Saturday, March 14, 2009

Curse of the afternoon latte...

I admit it...I am limegreenmodern, and I have a serious latte (read mucho caffeine) addiction.

It started out simple in college, a little cheap dorm cafeteria coffee before an 8 am class, a little more to stay up late for studying. It became a full blown addiction once I had my first kiddo, and realized that the only way to get everything done in a day was to cut out sleep. Hence, the caffeine overload naturally followed.

But what is so apropos about about this short tale I am telling? Well, my jewelry making obsession directly mirrors my path to caffeine addiction.

It started mainly in college, with a few cheap beads and some silver plated wire. (I know, silver plated, I heard you gasp). A little polymer clay here, a few dangles there. I was rocking the early 90s with my designs, but being a poor college student kept the obsession at bay.

Fast forward to now and here I am admitting and writing about my full blow obsession at 2am, with new design ideas keeping me awake. Always looking at the world differently, like a square thumbnail cropped 1000x1000 pixels, to provide the perfect upload.

If only I had a little switch. Off would be nice right now, as my kids will be up in 5 hours. Oh well, sleep deprivation also breeds creativity, with all the hallucinations and such.

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