Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Top 10 Chicago...Moms on Vacation Style

My trip to Chicago was fabulous!

Here are my Top 10 Amazing Things about my trip:

10) Sitting on a plane by myself in total silence for the entire flight...heaven!

9) Actually getting to read an entire book on the plane without interruption...appropriately it was The Power of Now (reading it again)....mantra of the weekend...Be Present!

8) Going to an amazing authentic Armenian restaurant, without having to worry if they have a kid's menu with mac 'n chz.

7) Ordering an appetizer and dessert at The Grand Luxe because I just didn't feel like an entree....nobody there to set a good example for!

6) Having a personal driver at a moment's notice (aka a taxi) without car seats, snacks, or soccer gear rolling all over.

5) No laundry, no dishes, no grocery shopping, no helping with the potty, no soccer practice schedule....this list could make up its own top 100 if I really thought about it.

4) Shopping, shopping, shopping both on Michigan Avenue and little out-of-the-way boutiques.

3) Seeing and experiencing Oprah...such a charismatic person!

2) Spending the weekend with three fabulous friends I have known for 20 years, and feeling like not a day has gone by since last seeing them!

And the #1 greatest thing about my trip was.......drum roll please.....

1) Coming home to kiss my sleeping kids goodnight feeling renewed, inspired, and rested...ready to be a mom, wife, friend, and artist again.

My post is dedicated to Michelle, my great friend who got the Oprah tickets for us!! Thanks Michelle....I had such a incredible time!

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  1. Grandpa's top three things about Tracy's trip:1) Getting to play and color with Mia. 2)Trying to strap Mia into her carseat and being told I can do it! 3) Watching Max and Daddy do a school project. OK I'm adding a number 4- Seeing Tracy return home happy and rested. It was truely a win-win time for all of us.