Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Girlfriend, I'm going to Oprah!

So one of my college roommates called a couple months ago to say that she might be getting Oprah tickets. Hmm...a weekend away in Chicago with girlfriends and NO KIDS....I'm there!!!

We are heading to the show on Friday, March 20. So exciting! I had a wild idea to bring Oprah a special pair of earrings, but there are very strict restrictions...no gifts for Oprah or her staff. The earrings I posted here are the ones I thought would look good on Ms. Winfrey. :-)

I hope to come back renewed, inspired, and ready to do some serious work on my new modern pendant line.

And yes, I am so DVRing my show. I will be the one in the dark pink shirt with totally fab earrings!


  1. HAVE FUN! I'm Jealous :) Please let us know when you will be on :)

  2. That sounds like great fun...too bad you can't take her earrings...those would look great on her.

  3. those are a great pair of earrings! I think Oprah only wears diamonds though. She's so the girl next door isn't she? ;)