Saturday, January 9, 2010

Etsy reveals...Daily Sip Studios

"I am located in Chicago, where I live with my husband, and our three wine fridges."

Now how can you not buy from someone with a great sense of humor and an amazing modern style?

This is the third gift in my Etsy reveals series...a gift to my brother and his wife. I heard through the family grape vine that they wanted dishes, so I got them a gift card to one of their favorite shops so they could pick some out.

But I wanted something a little more personalized to put the gift card in....enter these super cool cards. I chose the blue/yellow/gray combo, had their names added, and it was perfect!

There are many amazing choices for your modern stationary cravings at Daily Sip Studios. I know I'll be back, but next time, it will be for me. :-)

Thanks again Kimberly!

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