Friday, January 8, 2010

Etsy reveals...Muse Silk Paintings

So we are on to the second gift reveal of my Christmas gift buying extravaganza on Etsy! Now that the recipients have their gifts, I thought I would share some great shops with you guys.

These colors instantly grabbed me...beautiful hand painted swirls in turquoise, coral, olive green, to name a few.

What's cool about this piece is not only is it art work, it's art work to wear. I chose this scarf for my mom as a Christmas gift from the great shop of Muse Silk Paintings.

I love the organic feel of her work and my mom loved her scarf! Thanks again!


  1. Oh this is SO exciting!! Thank you for sharing your delight in this gift - so happy your mom loved it.. maybe she knew how much love was poured into painting it :)

    p.s. Love your simple and understated jewelry ~ just lovely!
    Muse Silk Paintings

  2. Angel is an amazing artist with silk! Its like magic!

  3. A gorgeous scarf by a very talented Lady:)
    I love Muse's scarfs!