Friday, February 27, 2009

Graveyard-shift artist...

It's 1:26.

That's am.....not pm.

It's the working hour for all those artists who must dedicate themselves to something other than their craft during regular daylight hours.

Be it the "real" job that brings home the bacon, keeps sprouts on the table, and makes sure candlelight is romantic and not a necessity.

Be it the mom who holds everyone (and everything) together, arriving in a timely manner to all scheduled kid activities, all the while making sure everyone is sporting clean tidy-whities.

Be it the dad who travels for work, coaches the Bad News Bear team, and then cuts the lawn so the HOA doesn't freak.

Or be it a combo of the three all falling on one person, chipping away at any sort of free-form creative time, unless it is obscenely late.

It is at this late hour that we find people who really get to love what they do.

I am not one to normally live on the edge, so I feel like maybe the sleep deprivation can fuel some creative insanity without getting too out of control. After all, its better than some serious loco disease-driven creative insanity..isn't that what most art historians like to say, explaining the whole cut-off-the-ear theory as organic in cause.

OK...I digress.

So to all those artists toiling away on the artistic graveyard shift, may the creativity flow freely for you tonight and every night. I'll keep a big cup of joe on the burner for you, so when that alarm goes off in the morning and you promise that that is the last time you stay up way too late, you'll have something to wake you up.

Until the next night, when you do it all over again.
And you thought that coffee cup was just a photo prop.


  1. Well said my friend!!! I knew I loved your shop for a reason - I was drawn to it - not realizing you are one of the few of us graveyard shift artists! Myself, a mother of 5, working full time by day as Admin Ast at an Elementary School, Mom taxi driver to all kid activities during the dinner hours, and artist on the graveyard shift such as yourself. I think there is something to be said about artist that create when they are punch drunk or to delirious to think or be able to see out of their contacts any longer. Some of my paintings look so different with clean contacts and daylight! I amaze myself! LOL!
    Thanks for the kind support - Cheers! :-)
    Kiwi Arts

  2. Cute is amazing where we find inspiration.