Thursday, February 26, 2009

Serious silver bling bling

Part of a series of random blogs from my recent past....

I am tumbling, tumbling, tumbling!! I am always on the hunt for things to make silver have that beautiful shine. I also can be tool obsessed and am storage space deprived and thought I didn't really need a tumbler. Isn't a polish pad and elbow grease good enough?

So one late night recently I was perusing the internet obsessesively looking over all the cool tools and beads, and on a whim, just bought a tumbler. It's small, I rationalized, and can be easily hidden from my husband. :-) BTW, I don't condone that.

So after carefully reading the instructions and watching a couple youtube videos on my Lortone 3A (no affiliation with them whatsoever...just picked this one), I threw in a couple silver pieces to see what would happen. I thought, I bet I won't really see much difference.

HOLY COW...the shine was blinding!! I can't believe what I have been missing!! I feel like a kid with that brand new bike with a banana seat and flower basket circa 1976. My clean, sparkly, purple bike, riding with my gauchos flapping in the breeze for everyone to admire!

I have now rounded up every last bit of personal silver jewelry and been tumbling away all day. I am going to be so bling, bling it won't be funny.

You can bet I will definitely be doing this on every piece I make for Etsy and 1000 Markets.

So shine on!

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