Thursday, February 26, 2009

Twitter...what are you doing?

Part of a series of recent random blogs on conquering technology....

Circa 1983...I am the product of the original MTV generation....sitting in base housing (dad was in Army), adjusting the rabbit ears on our old TV so I could watch Video Killed a Radio Star once again, and the other 8 or so videos that Martha Quinn had to play. I felt like I was young, cool, and cutting edge.

Fast forward to 2009....We've got the second language of texting, bloggers galore, and everyone and their brother asking me to join facebook. did I get so outdated so fast? Heck, I still use a paper calendar. Yes, seriously. People actually stare in disbelief when I pull it out as if it is an ancient scroll.

So in this year, on the cusp of my 40th birthday, I vow to conquer many things. And I start now....with twittering. So my fellow followers, I join you in keeping up with what all my friends are eating for breakfast.

If you would like to follow my random thoughts in life and jewelry making, hop on for the ride:

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