Thursday, February 26, 2009

Part 2...conquering facebook

A recent post in the advancing myself with technology series....

Ok...Everyone has gotten the email saying Big-Hair Girl from high school wants to be your friend on facebook. There's another Bad Boy Motorcycle Rider Boyfriend from college wants to be your friend too. Hmmm...I I really want to go there? Seriously, do I really want to live the glory, and not-so-glory, days from my past?

In the past my reaction has way...DELETE!

Lately, though, I have started receiving facebook emails from friends and family that are, let's say, a bit older and wiser than myself. Wow...if they are joining, maybe I should consider it. It would be nice to catch up with people in one place, instead of fielding a ton of emails, and feeling guilty that I am not replying to them in a timely fashion.

So I sat down this past Saturday afternoon and just did it. Before I realized what was happening, facebook had sent out 30+ emails to my family and friends who were in my email address book and on facebook asking if I could be their friend. I felt a little desperate. Maybe everyone would just hit DELETE like I had in the past. There it was...that feeling like you're back in high school and you are petrified you won't find a friend to sit with at lunch. Teenage rejection feelings are no fun to relive.

After that flashback was over, I started noticing things popping up on my screen. OMGoodness, my first friend had replied yes. My confidence came up a little. Now there is a second and a third. Wow...three friends in less than 5 minutes. I am like the prom queen, as I daydream of wearing a tiara and waving at the crowd.

Let's just say a little while later...well, 5+ hours to be more concise...I was still on facebook, setting up my profiles, chatting with friends, loading up pictures. I was an old hat at this now.

I did have to place an emergency call to a best friend of mine and figure out how to make my picture tags visible only to me. No one wants their college boyfriend catching a less than stellar shot of my...behind...without me knowing about it. And while we're on the topic, no, I am not making my facebook portrait any bigger or taking off the sunglasses. No one needs to see my wrinkles except for the people I still see in real life!

Word to the facebook newbies, since I now have a couple days experience under my belt, make sure you configure your email settings correctly. Otherwise, you will receive an email everytime a friend or family member breathes, leading've got 352 new messages in your inbox in no time. Thanks H for helping with my technical difficulties!

So, my friends, this concludes part 2 of my advancing myself with technology series. If you would like to see what I am up to on facebook, feel free to check me out here, but I will have to approve you first. :-)

If you would like to become a fan of lime green modern on facebook, check me out here: As always, a work in progress.

So on to the blackberry....just kidding, maybe someday soon.

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  1. I too resisted facebook until just a couple months ago-I TOO GOT SUCKED IN....BY MY OWN 74 year old mother :)